Good Grief Workbooks

Good Grief Workbook

A Message From Rev. Cecil Fike
Author of Good Grief Workbooks:
A Workbook Designed To Help Those Who Are Grieving

The Good Grief Workbook is designed to be used in eight sessions. Each session includes well-organized lessons on specific topics that are relevant to the grief process, along with homework assignments and journaling suggestions relating to the topic for that session.

Session 1 will be an introductory meeting when an overview of the groups and the philosophy of the leaders will be given to the group members. It should be a time when leaders introduce themselves, their own grief experiences and their goals for the group. It will also be the time when members introduce themselves, tell their stories and share their goals for the group. This is often the most intense meeting as they not only tell their story but also hear the intense grief of others. However, it provides the basis for all the following meetings.

Session 2 (Understanding the Grief Process) looks at the grief process as defined by Granger Westberg in his book, Good Grief. It will be a time for discussion of normal and abnormal grief experiences.

Session 3 (Tasks of Grieving) will look at the "Four Tasks of Grieving" as outlined by J. William Worden in his book Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy. Special attention is given to adjusting to the physical and emotional changes brought on by the loss.

Session 4 (Attributes of Healthy Grieving) examines the causes of the varying amounts of difficulty experienced by different persons, depending upon the circumstances of the loss and the member's grief history.

Session 5 (Children's Grief) is designed to help members recognize the uniqueness of children's grief and to learn ways to help them with their grief work.

Session 6 (Sudden Death) looks at the unique grief process resulting from sudden or catastrophic losses. External factors such as media coverage and legal activities can prolong the grief process. This session is designed to help members recognize and cope with these factors.

Session 7 (Stress Management) includes information on the effects of the stress caused by grieving and its relationship to one's health. The materials include suggestions for managing the stress and maintaining a healthy life style.

Session 8 (Holidays and Anniversaries) helps the members look at special days and help them discover healthy ways for dealing with these emotionally charged special times.

Each group can be designed to best meet the needs of the participants and the organization that is sponsoring the groups. Sessions can be conducted in consecutive weekly meetings, a weekend retreat setting, monthly meetings, or specifically designed to best suit any circumstances.

Good Grief Groups

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