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Author of Good Grief: A Constructive Approach To The Problem Of Loss

When I first preached my sermon on grief about forty years ago, I was amazed by the response. As a professor at the University of Chicago, I preached at the Rockefeller Chapel on occasion. The service was broadcast over WGN, a well-known Chicago radio station.

On a typical Sunday when I preached, I would get anywhere from ten to twenty-five letters asking for copies of the sermon. That is, until the Sunday I preached on grief. For that sermon we received almost one thousand letters! I couldn't believe what happened. I figured I had suddenly become a great preacher. So I worked hard on my next sermon (not related to grief) and awaited the avalance of letters. I got about twelve.

Eventually I rewrote my sermon on grief into a book form, which Fortress Press published in 1961. [In 1997] they published the thirty-fifth anniversary edition. Obviously, grief is a condition few people escape.

I appreciate the quality of the workbook that Cecil Fike has written. I am glad he used the ten stages [of grief] which I feel are important to the essence of my book. The workbook helps people grasp the concept of grief and relate it in a meaningful way to their personal grief.

Granger Westberg
Granger E. Westberg

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