Frequently Asked Questions
Question I want to talk about my mother who died, but none of my family will let me talk with them. They keep telling me that I should pull myself together and stop being so morbid. Is it morbid to want to talk about my mother? Joan, Marietta, Georgia
Answer Talking with a concerned and caring friend about the person who died can be a very normal and healing thing to do. Your mother is still a part of your life and there is still a relationship with her. Even though that relationship has changed because her death, the memory of your mother can still be a source of comfort and strength. Talking about her will keep the relationship vital in your life and will greatly aid in the healing process. While it could be healing for your family to talk more about your mother, it is often wise to seek out someone who is not going through their own grief journey.

Chaplain Cecil W. Fike

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