Frequently Asked Questions
Question It has been 6 months since my husband died, how long will the grief and pain last?
Answer This is without a doubt the most frequently asked question to grief counselors. While the length and intensity of one's pain depends on many variables, the grief can last from several months to several years. Among the variables that help to determine the length and intensity of the grief experience may include the nature of the death or the relationship with the deceased. When the death was sudden or unexpected such as resulting form a homicide, suicide or accident that involves criminal investigation or media coverage the grief response can continue until such action are concluded.

There is often pressure from friends and family to "get back to normal" which may cause those who are grieving to deny or suppress their feelings. However, when feelings and emotions are held in it can prolong the grief process. Healing will take place in its own time and we should not deny grief or pretend that we are "OK." If it takes up to two years before we feel that we are through it is still quiet normal.

Chaplain Cecil W. Fike

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