I finally had a free hour to look over the workbook on Good Grief... and have a free moment to write and tell you how impressed I am with it. It is comprehensive and it is wonderfully focused on what grieving individuals need to think about and do. It is clearly the work of someone who understands the grieving soul. I loved the way it assures people that much of what they are going through is normal, and gives them clues as to when they are healing and when they are stuck.
Rabbi Harold S Kushner
Author of When Bad things Happen to Good People

"Grief is a necessary part of emotional healing. The grief process is difficult. The emotional wounds are deep and painful. Our Pastoral Care Ministry has utilized a helpful tool to those who are grieving. It is a well thought out program to help people realize that there are good ways to grieve. The workbook and program, aptly titled Good Grief by Cecil W. Fike, have ministrered well at our church. I would encourage churches that do not have a grief ministry to prayerfully consider using it."
Dr. Charles Stanley
Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta

"I am very pleased to give an endorsement of Good Grief. As the chaplain and bereavement coordinator of WellStar Community Hospice, I have seen the benefits to grieving friends and family members on a first-hand basis. I am a Good Grief group leader and was able to witness the healing of mind and spirit in many group participants over the six-week support groups I led. Folks moved from being nearly incapacitated by their grief to being able to give love and comfort to each other in the group as well as becoming more functional in their personal and work lives.

Good Grief is a vital part of Hospice's year-long program of bereavement care. We would be severly handicapped if it were not available to Hospice families. I have found that the most profound healing comes as people wounded by grief reach out to each other in a guided group support setting. Bravo to Cecil Fike for creating Good Grief!"

Chaplain Ed Cook
Chaplain & Bereavement Coordinator
Wellstar Community Hospice

"For several years, I have used the Good Grief manual by Cecil Fike in grief support groups at First Baptist Church of Atlanta. The material in this resource is very comprehensive. It has served our members very effectively. I find two strong points about the material. First, the emphasis on the journal has been highly praised by our members. Second, it allows you to incorporate your Biblical and theological perspectives into the material and the group process. I highly recommend the use of this as one resource in your grief groups or individual grief counseling.
Danny M. Brett, MDiv
Minister of Pastoral Care
First Baptist Church of Atlanta

A Facilitator's Reflections on Good Grief:
It's a particularly dark fall night as I drive home from the third session of Good Grief. Thoughtfully, I review the circle of people I have just spent the last two hours with. Their faces stand out in my imagination as I drive. What I have come to call "the Good Grief Magic" is happening again. We are only half way through our six week commitment, and the face's that were so fill with tangible pain are beginning to soften. "We dared to share with strangers what we could not share with friends" is the deep-down truth of a poem I read to every beginning group. It's the deep-down truth of why this structured grief support group is an agent of healing for so many different types of people. We risk. We share. We learn. We heal... together. And strangers become friends.
Kathleen D. Michaud, M.A.,L.M.F.T
Good Grief Facilitator - 5 years
St. Ann's Catholic Church, Marietta, GA

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